Riset yang Telah Dikerjakan oleh Mahasiswa Bimbingan Tugas Akhir dan Riset Kolaboratif:

  • Jurnal Internasional Terindex Scopus
  1. Eigenvalue of Analytic Hierarchy Process as The Determinant for Class Target on Classification Algorithm (Novia Kumala Sari, Mustakim) – Link Article
  2. Unsupervised Learning As A Data Sharing Model In The FP-Growth Algorithm (Ulya Khairunnisa, Mustakim)
  3. Algorithm Comparison of Naive Bayes Classifier and Probabilistic Neural Network for Water Area Classification (Assad Hidayat, Mustakim)

  • Srpinger and Elsevier Scopus (International Conferences)
  1. Air Pollution Prediction Using Long Short-Term Memory Varians (Akhas Rahmadeyan, Mustakim) – Accepted
  2. Long Short-Term Memory and Gated Recurrent Unit for Stock Price Prediction (Akhas Rahmadeyan, Mustakim) – Accepted

  • IEEE Scopus (International Conferences)
  1. Implementation of PNN, ANN And K-NN Algorithms on Indonesian Marketplace Reviews on Google Play Store (Puji Dwi Rinanda, Mustakim) – Accepted
  2. Covid-19 Data Classification Using Decision Tree Optimized With Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm (Akhas Rahmadeyan, Mustakim) – Accepted
  3. Sentiment Analysis of Presidential Candidates of The Republic of Indonesia Using Naive Bayes Classifier and Support Vector Machine (Bobi Andhika Putra, Mustakim) – Link Article
  4. Classification of Student Graduation Using Backpropagation Neural Network with Features Selection and Dimensions Reduction (Rahweni Ocviani, Mustakim) – Link Article
  5. Phishing Website Detection with Ensemble Learning Approach Using Artificial Neural Network and AdaBoost (Akhas Rahmadeyan, Mustakim) – Link Article
  6. Implementation of Fuzzy C-Means and Self-Organizing Map for Data Clustering of Palm Oil (Siti Sarah, Mustakim) – Link Article
  7. Chi-Square Features Selection in Unsupervised Learning Algorithm for Measuring Key Performance Indicators in Riau Province (Umairah Rizkia Gurning, Mustakim) – Link Article
  8. Image Enhancement on Deep Learning Algorithm for COVID-19 Lung X-Ray Classification (Said Thaufik Rizaldi, Mustakim) – Link Article
  9. Application of Residual Network Architecture on Covid-19 Chest x-ray Classification (Susanti, Mustakim) – Link Article
  10. Comparison of Naïve Bayes, C4.5 and K-Nearest Neighbor for Covid-19 Data Classification (Umairah Rizkia Gurning, Mustakim, Said Thaufik Rizaldi) – Link Article
  11. Data Distribution Modelling in Supervised Learning Algorithm is for The classification of Prospective Recipient Candidate (Nurfadila Utami, Mustakim) – Link Article
  12. The Implementation of Unsupervised Learning Techniques as a Data Sharing Model in the Back-propagation for the Classification of Student Graduation (Ega Dwi Lestari, Mustakim) – Link Article
  13. Comparison of DBSCAN and PCA-DBSCAN Algorithm for Grouping Earthquake Area (Emi Rahmi, Mustakim) – Link Article
  14. Comparative analysis of k-nearest neighbor and modified k-nearest neighbor algorithm for data classification (Ikbal Gazalba, Mustakim) – Link Article

  • IOP Conferences Series Scopus (International Conferences)
  1. Application of The Nearest Neighbor Algorithm for Classification of Online Taxibike Sentiments In Indonesia In The Google Playstore Application (Sindhy Genjang Setiorini, Mustakim) – Link Article
  2. Market Basket Analysis Using Apriori and FP-Growth for Analysis Consumer Expenditure Patterns at Berkah Mart in Pekanbaru Riau (Della Maulina Herianda, Mustakim) – Link Article
  3. Support Vector Regression Algorithm Modeling to Predict the Availability of Foodstuff in Indonesia to Face the Demographic Bonus (Sari Devia Agustina, Mustakim) – Link Article
  4. DBSCAN algorithm: twitter text clustering of trend topic pilkada pekanbaru (Nurul Gayatri Indah Reza, Mustakim) – Link Article
  5. Variable Selection to Determine Majors of Student using K-Nearest Neighbor and Naïve Bayes Classifier Algorithm (Reysa Hartarima Suci, Mustakim) – Link Article
  6. Data Sharing Technique Modeling for Naive Bayes Classifier for Eligibility Classification of Recipient Students in the Smart Indonesia Program (Siti Syahidatul Helma, Mustakim) – Link Article
  7. The Implementation of Fuzzy-C Means to Categorize Poverty Data in Riau Province (Hady Eka Saputra, Mustakim) – Link Article
  8. Clustering of Public Opinion on Natural Disasters in Indonesia Using DBSCAN and K-Medoids Algorithms (Muhammad Zakiy Fauzi, Mustakim) – Link Article
  9. The Classification Status of River Water Quality in Riau Province Using Modified K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm with STORET Modeling and Water Pollution Index (Rosdina, Mustakim) – Link Article

  • AIP Conferences Series (International Conferences)
  1. Eligibility Classification For Bank Loans Using Probabilistic Neural Network, K-Nearest Neighbor, and Naive Bayes Classifier Algorithm (Lena Oktavianis, Mustakim) – Waiting for Publish

  • Jurnal Terakreditasi Sinta 3
  1. [2015-2024] Kumpulan Hasil Riset Kolaborasi Dosen dan Mahasiswa – Cek Google Scholar